2017 REDpaddle co

2017 REDpaddle co sees some gamechangers that we are excited to share with you our valued customers. Over the last decade weve become immersed in [more]

REDpaddletribe TNQ tour

This month we take a bunch of REDpaddle boards for FREE REDpaddletribe events all along the coast up to Tropical North QLD. We will have the [more]

TNQ REDpaddle adventures

As the sun shifts north, so too do dreams of Paddleboarding bliss. We always look forward to taking our REDs up to Tropical North QLD, [more]

XL REDpaddle ride 'BIG SUP'

Its been a sensational addition to our family weekends to have the XL REDpaddle ride out together. The kids absolutely love it and in fact [more]

Fresh stock of REDpaddleco 2016 boards and paddles!

Its no secret, REDpaddleco is the biggest selling and most wanted inflatable out there. And it just keeps selling out! well nows your chance as [more]

World champ #1 results REDpaddleco

Congratulations Xavi Masdevall (Spain) Winner European SUP surf championships Inflatable division. Xavi was riding the 2016 Red Paddle Co Whip 8'10 RSS board. Redpaddleco - [more]

2016 REDpaddleco video intro

For your viewing pleasure. This new video embodies the spirit of travel and adventure standup paddle that REDpaddleco are famous for. Enjoy, Like, Share. And [more]

2016 REDpaddle is landed!

Its here, the 1st batch of 2016 REDpaddle boards has landed, and promptly been snapped up by those in the know. Building on REDs reputation [more]

Why REDpaddleco.

Things are heating up with the imminent launch of new season range. And we wanted to share with you, Why REDpaddleco - Authentic. Innovative. Success. REDpaddleco means [more]

REDpaddle new stock

Its been a great midyear for REDpaddle owners, exploring, travelling, venturing everywhere with their trusty REDpaddle boards, and for us, well we sold out of [more]

Welcome to the coolest thing to do on the water.


Congratulations on finding Australia’s premier site for air inflated paddle and surf sports. The Red Air inflatable range of stand up paddleboards and accessories set the highest standard for quality, performance and value. Redpaddle are the leaders in inflatable surfing and stand up paddleboarding. Enjoy the video below and our site please like and share.

Inflatable paddleboard

Red air inflatable paddleboards / surfboards for standup paddle boarding and surfing are perfect for fun, fitness, friends and family. You will not find better inflatable boards anywhere. Safer, more durable and the ultimate in convenience, this is a revolution in watersports which everyone will enjoy. ‘Explore your world’

Pump up paddle boarding

Yes the Red Air inflatable boards easily pack down into our awesome roller wheeled backpack, and pump up quickly to float surfers and paddlers with ease. Using either an electric pump with our adaptors or the exclusive to Red Air ‘Titan double barrel’ pump the RED brand inflatable paddleboards quickly inflate to high pressures up to 25psi, for a customized suspension performance.

Roll up sup board

Of course the convenience and portability cannot be beaten, roll up the Redpaddle sup boards into a small neat parcel that is virtually indestructible. Take them or send them anywhere. Transport is a breeze, and if storage space is ever an issue Redpaddle inflatable sup boards are the ultimate solution.

River Inflatable sup (isup)

The supremely durable and portable nature of Redpaddle inflatable sup (isup) boards opens up a whole new world for paddle boarding. Bouncing through rocks and rapids or just cruising down the river. Sup’n has never been so much fun with so many possibilities as it is with Reliable Redpaddle inflatable sup (isup) boards.

Blow up sup surf

Red Air blow up boards are without a doubt the most durable and safest surfboard you will ever own. They are dingproof, dropproof, kidproof,  virtually kookproof and even TRACTOR PROOF. See the video below!! Red Air inflatable sup boards are super safe for everyone, riders, passengers and anyone nearby. Safer and more durable, and much much more reliable than anything else! Pump up your Red air, grab your red paddle and get on the water. We guarantee you will love it.

Thankyou for looking at, now you can standup paddleboard everywhere.


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